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Home office with Amila

Since last year, we’ve all been fighting the pandemic. Without a doubt, our system owners are the heroes of the world. But we ordinary people are also doing incredible things right now. We wear masks, keep our distance, and are in the home office to suppress a rapid spread of the virus. Each of us makes our contribution to society, some more the others less.

Home office affects a lot of us. On the one hand, it’s pleasant that you can sleep a little longer in the morning and that you can sit down with your PC in pajamas, and on the other hand, we all feel like we’re in prison by now. Home office with child is, in my opinion, the crowning glory.

As soon as I finished the first meeting at half past eight, I hear the little feet from the room tapping. That means cuddling a round before going to the next phone call. I would usually take my coffee break in the office afterwards, I’ll replace it with breakfast for the little lady. As ever day, I have video conferences for hours afterwards, these become new challenges every day! One day she wants to play memory with me on another we paint. As long as she stays calm, so am I. And then there are days when we’re at war. Amila versus my company! On these days, she’s dissatisfied with everything, she can’t even set television quietly. Our highlight was when she came in the middle of the meeting and screamed into the microphone, mom, I have to go to the bathroom.

I learned to stay calm in such situations and take the time I need for my child. At first I thought it wouldn’t go so well with my colleagues, but everyone fully understand us. “Mom, I have to go to the bathroom”, is now the running gag in our office.

How are you doing in the home office? Do you have similar running gags?

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