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How your life changes with a child!

My husband and I will soon have our anniversary. We’ve been together for six years now and I’m thinking back on our beginnings.

When we met, we were both students. Our only concern was whether we had to attend the next lecture or not. Well, that changed with the birth of our daughter.

TOP 10 of life changes:

  1. You have a new boss and you can’t change it. You do everything your new boss wants, even if you have concerns!
  2. Undisturbed showering becomes a spa visit. Your beauty program is limited to your toothbrush.
  3. Long sleeping – what’s that? You are going to be a panda.
  4. Silence is no longer positive. Be careful!
  5. Pictures of your flat for Instagram? Unfortunately no, now you accept the chaos. Her arts stick to the refrigerator.
  6. New hobbies? Yes of course! Build a snowman, puzzle and finally, you know every zoo near you.
  7. You’ll spend your Saturday evening in front of the TV. Peppa Pig will surely get an Oscar!
  8. Everything your child does is cheered on by you. You’re mutating into a cheerleader.
  9. You exchange high heels for Converse and your It-bag for a shopper.
  10. Candlelight dinner for the anniversary? I wish… we were going to the Dino Park.

So, there’s nothing left like it was and please don’t say no one would have warned you!

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